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High-Quality Coffee Beans

It takes good beans to brew good coffee!

We purchase coffee beans from all over the world for Mr. Brown Coffee. We spend a lot of time selecting the coffee regions and suppliers with the highest quality coffee beans. Moreover, we put a lot of effort into getting to know coffee farmers and their farms, and only the farmers with qualified coffee beans that pass our stringent testing procedures can become our partner suppliers.

The foundation of good coffee is high-quality coffee beans. Therefore, we take careful measures to ensure the stability of the coffee beans’ for theirs flavor and quality from the place of origins. We periodically visit the coffee farms to conduct site inspections, and we require our suppliers to submit samples and test reports for each batch of coffee beans before delivery. It is how we make sure that the coffee beans which use for our products are the best.

Mr. Brown’s delightfully aromatic coffee comes from high-quality coffee beans worldwide.

The world's three major coffee-growing regions are Africa, Indonesia, and Central America. Among them, Central America has the most natural advantages of abundant sunshine, fertile land, and an alpine environment. Together with ample labor, these advantages make Central America an ideal place for growing and producing high-quality coffee.

Mr. Brown’s coffee beans come from coffee-growing regions across the world, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, and Honduras. We have been maintaining good relationships with these countries to ensure a steady supply chain of high-quality coffee beans.


Professional Coffee Cupping for the best taste and aroma

Different regions and estates produce coffee beans with unique flavors and aromas. Mr. Brown's professional research team selects the most suitable coffee beans for different types of coffee products. Some coffee beans are suitable for single origin drinks, whereas some taste better when blended with others for a balanced and richer flavor.

In order to achieve the ideal flavor of our coffee beans, we rely on the internationally recognized Coffee Cupping method for our coffee evaluations. By using the standard brewing and tasting steps to thoroughly analyze the body and the flavor of each type of coffee bean.


Cupping Procedures

  1. *
    We place the stipulated amount of freshly ground and roasted coffee into a wide-mouthed and shallow testing cup to evaluate its dry fragrance.
  2. *
    Then, we steep the ground coffee in hot water for a few minutes before using a spoon to break the coffee crust to evaluate its wet aroma.
  3. *
    Next, in order to evaluate the coffee’s original body, flavor and aftertaste, we use a special round silver-plated cup to take some coffee and slurp it, and it spreads throughout the mouth.
    Finally, we spit the coffee out to complete the cupping process.

Advanced Production Technology

Computerized and automated production equipment for high-quality, great value coffee

King Car has always taken the purchase of production equipment very seriously. It has to come from a large, international brand, and renowned for its production efficiency and quality control capabilities. In particular, we pay more attention to the automatic quality control aspect to reduce the risk of human errors.

Mr. Brown reduces the costs of production via excellent mass production equipment and technology to provide high-quality coffee products at relatively low prices. "Making high-quality coffee affordable" is what we strive for in this era of inflation and rising costs.


Mr. Brown’s canned coffee:
A mind-blowing production process

The process of roasting, brewing, blending, filling, and quality inspection is fully automatic. Even our coffee cans are cut and formed as a part of the automatic process.

Our coffee roasting equipment can automatically adjust the roasting temperature to suit the type of coffee bean introduced. It can also carefully and methodically roll coffee beans to ensure they are evenly roasted to bring out their ideal flavor.
Mr. Brown's coffee brewing equipment is a vital part of the production process, and we use high pressured water to extract the original flavors of coffee. Then, the extracted liquid is sent to the blending barrel for blending and filling.
In addition, our coffee aroma recovery system gathers and reintroduces the coffee’s original aroma into the final products. Therefore, apart from special blends of coffee, Mr. Brown’s coffee products do not require additional flavoring.
Our high-efficiency production rate is 1,500 cans per minute, which allows freshly extracted coffee to be filled into cans within the shortest possible time. We use cutting-edge technology to seal in the essence of coffee, which is why our canned coffees are available at such affordable prices despite containing original coffee bean extracts.
The Production Process of the Canned Coffee

Mr. Brown’s 3-in-1 instant coffee
captures the wholesome goodness of coffee perfectly.

From the extraction of coffee essence to spray-dried coffee powder, all the processes are done in-house by King Car. Therefore, we are able to control and ensure the quality of 3-in-1 coffee products.

Mr. Brown’s spray dryer uses a continuous stream of heated air to concentrate the coffee liquid. The clean and heated air is evenly distributed throughout the spray-drying tower. At the same time, the coffee concentrate is pumped through a centrifugal atomizer where it is broken down into small droplets, which rapidly loses its water content as it comes into contact with the heated air, leaving behind dry coffee powder.
Mr. Brown uses a high-speed packaging line for 3-in-1 products. It can efficiently fill up to 800 packets per minute. Even the step of filling the packets into outer bags is automatic. We use cutting-edge technology to seal in the essence of our coffees, which is why our 3-in-1 coffee products are available at such affordable prices despite containing original powdered coffee extracts.
3 in 1 Coffee Production Process

Strict safety control measures

Mr. Brown’s Quality Assurance:
Professional testing in conformance to international standards

As coffee has become an indispensable part of our lives, we firmly believe that coffee should not only be delicious, also be guaranteed safe for consumption. The entrepreneurial spirit of King Car Group is to strive to produce more natural and healthy products that are safe for consumption.

Since August 2012, King Car has expanded its Central Research Facility’s Analysis and Testing Center, hiring professional analysts and purchasing high-end precision instruments to conduct comprehensive testing and analysis from the raw material to the finished product. Our QC capabilities and laboratory management system has been accredited (Cert. No.: 0683) by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), which demonstrates that all our operations are compliant with international standards, and the quality of our test data is on par with international standards.


Stringent and thorough quality checks
for greater peace of mind

Our product line including premium and affordable coffee products are all produced under stringent quality systems, which are set in place to monitor the raw materials to final products. All products have to go through the same rigorous standard of testing before it is released into the market.

In addition to the quality inspection measures implemented during production, we also conduct regular and random inspections on purchased raw materials. This two-pronged ‘raw material’ and ‘finished product’ inspection approach provides customers greater peace of mind while enjoying every cup of Mr. Brown Coffee.


Mr. Brown Coffee Test Items

  • 386 types of pesticides
  • 15 types of plasticizer
  • 4 types of heavy metal
  • Total plate count and coliform count
  • Ochratoxin and Aflatoxin
  • Caffeine and Water Content