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Mr. Brown PURE Cold Brew Sugar-Free Coffee Hits the Markets

Apr 21, 2021

    With nearly 40 years of experience in researching and producing coffee, Mr. Brown insists on extracting every drop of coffee from coffee beans. As consumers awareness of health, the products which are sugar-free and additive-free coffee are getting more popular. Also, The coffee market trends indicate consumers’ polarized preference for different coffee flavors. Those who opt for black coffee and flavors that contain more milk than coffee have seen a steady growth over the past three years, particularly those who opt for sugar-free.

    In response, King Car has announced the launch of the “Mr. Brown PURE Cold Brew Sugar-Free Coffee” series: “Pure Cold Brew- Black Coffee” and “Pure Cold Brew- Latte Coffee”. Both products use natural, pure ingredients and are free of sugar, additives, or artificial flavors and food dyes by using professional cold brew technique, cold water extracts coffee liquid slowly so that the sweetness of the coffee beans can be preserved and taste cleaner and more full-bodied. Moreover, the aroma of coffee beans is completely captured in the bottles by using unique aroma recovery technology that captures the aroma exuded during the grinding and extraction processes. “Mr. Brown Pure Cold Brew- Black Coffee” emphasizes the original taste by blending prime coffee beans from five countries and water from prime sources at a golden ratio; every drop is pure, mellow, and smooth and carries a nutty and chocolaty scent. “Mr. Brown Pure Cold Brew- Latte Coffee” is blended with milk powder from New Zealand, a clean milk source; each bottle contains more than 50% of soft, smooth, and delicate milk, the fragrance of which perfectly fuses with the coffee to create a beautiful flavor.

    In additon, considering the convenience of bottled coffee, both products are contained in rectangular PET bottles with packaging feature illustrations painted with large color patches, a minimalist style different from what Mr. Brown adopted in the past.
    Mr. Brown PURE Cold Brew Sugar-Free Coffee is priced at NT$35 for a 490ml, and it’s available at major distribution channel in Taiwan.