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Mr. Brown Premium Coffee Hits the Markets!

Nov 1, 2019

    Researching and producing coffee for over 35 years, Mr. Brown Coffee has cultivated the coffee culture of Taiwan and launched over ten different flavors of ready-to -drink coffee with the attentiveness at every stage, from the selection of beans to the production. With a tidal wave of premium coffee coming, consumers’ tastes in coffee has become more refined. Drinking a cup of coffee for them is more than refreshing or relaxing, but a symbol of a more delicate pleasure and taste. Now King Car has added two products to the “Mr. Brown Premium Coffee” series, named Cerrado Brazil and Ethiopia. Both are brewed by using premium coffee beans respectively from Brazil and Ethiopia and developed by a team of professional coffee cuppers certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), presenting two distinct and delicate premium coffee flavors. They will be sold from November 1 at major distribution channels across Taiwan.

    To support farming methods beneficial to human beings, Mr. Brown Premium Coffee – Cerrado Brazil only uses coffee beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Doing so also helps protect the ecology of mother Earth and maintain environmental sustainability. The Cerrado single-origin coffee beans are fragrant, sweet, and nutty, with a body that is mellow, mild, smooth and delicate. Mr. Brown Premium Coffee – Ethiopia uses beans from the origin of premium coffee – Ethiopia. These top-quality beans are cultivated in the Yirgacheffe and Sidamo regions. They have an elegant citrus scent with a special black tea fragrance and a strong and sweet body. In contrast to the original coffee cans, these two products are held in compact and textured bottles with packaging that features illustrations reminiscent of the coffee growing regions to convey the appeal of the products.

Mr. Brown Insists on Producing High-Quality Coffee With a Sweet Price

    Each can of Mr. Brown Coffee is made from 100% coffee beans. With more than 30 years of experience in researching and producing coffee beverages, along with pre-eminent mass production facilities and technologies, Mr. Brown Coffee offers high quality coffee beverages at a good price. “High quality coffee can also have good value for money, and this is the philosophy we uphold for our products,” said Albert Lee, CEO of King Car. “Through developing different coffee products, we allow our consumers a more diversified choice to drink premium coffee that suits their tastes, anytime, anywhere.” The new products launched this time come from two regions. Ready-to-drink coffee will be sold through major distribution channels across Taiwan from November 1, Premium Whole Bean Coffee from mid-November, and Premium Drip Coffee from the end of November This will allow consumers to enjoy professionally made premium coffee in a casual way.

Professional Aroma Recovery Technology to
Preserve the Original Coffee Aroma

    To preserve the fragrance of coffee so that ready-to-drink coffee can steam a strong coffee aroma like freshly-brewed coffee, Mr. Brown Coffee adopts professional aroma recovery technology that captures the aroma exuded when grinding and extracting coffee and adds it back into the bottles, fully preserving the coffee’s aroma and letting you enjoy premium coffee anywhere, anytime.

Mr. Brown Coffee products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee Beans to Maintain Environmental Sustainability
      “Mr. Brown Premium Coffee – Cerrado Brazil” only uses coffee beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance. According to Wu Yi-Ling, the manager of the King Car Beverage Institute, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans mean less water pollution, acid rain damage, and impact on the environment and human health. The love of Mr. Brown Coffee for the earth starts with the selection of raw materials, supporting farming methods beneficial to humans and the environment to protect the earth’s ecology and value the responsibility for ecological sustainability.

Mr. Brown Premium Coffee – Cerrado Brazil” and ”Mr. Brown Premium Coffee – Ethiopia” are sold first at PX Mart from November 1, and at chain distribution channels such as FamilyMart, 7-11, Hi-Life, and A.Mart from November 6. From the latter half of November, premium coffee beans from the regions of Cerrado Brazil and the Ethiopian Sidamo as well as their drip bag coffee are sold through wholesale distribution channels, giving customers more diversified options for premium coffee.

About Mr. Brown Coffee
      “Mr. Brown Coffee”, which became a hot topic and had huge followings when its first can was launched in 1982 by King Car Group, is a leading brand in the canned coffee market. 35 years after coming onto the market, Mr. Brown Coffee has not only conquered the taste buds of Taiwanese consumers, but has been sold in more than 30 countries across Europe and America, among other regions, making it a distinct pride of Taiwan. Namely devoting ourselves to research, development, and innovation, has long been the brand philosophy of King Car, expecting to leverage their experience in researching and developing coffee beverages to bring consumers more quality and give them a different coffee experience.