Significant Milestones | Mr. Brown Coffee, Always be there!


Significant Milestones


  • Launched “Mr. Brown Pure Cold Brew Coffee Series” – Sugar-Free Black Coffee, Sugar-Free Latte
  • Launched “Mr. Brown Rainforest Alliance Certified Bean Coffee Series” – Sunshine Flavor, Roasted Mellow Flavor


  • Launched “Mr. Brown Premium Coffee Series” – Brazil, Ethiopia, Flores, Guatemala Finca La Bendicion
  • Launched “Mr. Brown Velvet Milk Tea”
  • Winner of the AVPA Paris Gourmet Food Product 2020


  • Launched Black Cold Brew Coffee that uses our proprietary aroma extraction technology
  • Launched the freeze-dried instant coffee products


  • Celebrated Mr. Brown’s 30th anniversary in 2012
  • Mr. Brown is dedicated to protecting the environment and also the first to introduce Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified coffee in Taiwan
  • Continuously launched the series products of Mr. Brown coffee with UTZ Certified to fulfill our action on social responsibility
  • Invested in a drip coffee production and packaging line
  • Redesigned the packaging of all Mr. Brown coffee products
  • Invested in spray drying equipment for our 3-in-1 instant coffee products


  • Started to export coffee products to more than 30 countries, including the Middle East and Africa
  • Successfully distributed Mr. Brown coffee beans to many well-known chain retail networks and channels
  • Invested in a iced coffee filling line
  • Introduced Mr. Brown Café Lounge iced coffee selection
  • Redesigned the packaging of all Mr. Brown 3-in-1 products


  • Introduced classic blends, such as Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Blend and Mandheling Blend
  • Exported coffee products to the Americas
  • Crossed over into the F&B industry in 1998 by establishing Mr. Brown Café that serves fresh brewed coffee
  • Imported an aseptic PET bottle filling line
  • Unveiled 330ml Arabica Coffee in PET bottles
  • Expanded overseas market to Europe and Oceania


  • Established King Car Zhongli Plant in 1979, and prepared to set up a coffee production line
  • The first Mr. Brown coffee was made in 1982
  • Achieved 60% market share during its debut by strong marketing team and King Car’s intensive distribution system
  • Began to export coffee products to Asian countries

The Story of “Mr. Brown” and “Mr. Brown Coffee”

  1. “Mr. Brown” this name appears in the first English lesson in junior high school, and that is something unforgettable.
  2. Mr. Brown was set up to come from Central and South America where is the coffee growing regions, that is the reason why he has a foreign-looking appearance.
  3. In Chinese characters of Mr. Brown looks friendly and fits the short and chubby shape of the product’s can.