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Our Commitment to Food Safety and The Highest Quality

In order to provide a truly delightful coffee experience for consumers, all of our products undergo various stages of rigorous and professional quality tests from crop to cup.

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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

We source coffee beans from various coffee-producing regions around the world, and all the green coffee beans undergo a standard operating procedure before they are used to make Mr. Brown coffee. Meanwhile, to preserve the wholesome goodness of its original flavor and aroma, our team adjusts the roast time and method based on each coffee bean’s characteristics.

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A Continuous Production Process

Mr. Brown Coffee is made with advanced and mass production equipment with a continuous and automatic process which includes roasting, brewing, drying, and packaging. The production speed of the canned coffee is 1,500 cans per minute, which ranked alongside Japan as having the fastest production speed of the canned coffee in Asia. In addition, the production speed of the 3-in-1 coffee is 800 bags per minute. Through our rigorous quality control, we preserve the original taste of coffee under the high-speed production.


Rigorous Quality Control

All Mr. Brown products pass through stringent tests, from raw materials, packing materials, to the product itself. The testing operations and test data of King Car's Central Research Facility are qualified for the demands of the international standards, and we use professional inspection technology to monitor food safety. Mr. Brown is not only fully committed to the product quality but also the delicious coffee products. On the other hand, we decided to join forces with Rainforest Alliance, the world's largest international coffee certification organization, to ensure the entire coffee production process supports fair trade and environmental conservation while encouraging coffee farmers to improve the coffee quality via sustainable farming practices. We believe that sustainable operations can only be achieved by cooperating with coffee suppliers to do our part for environmental protection to deliver the value of every cup of coffee.